Datons Academy

Master applied statistical programming on personalized practical cases from the first lesson with a methodology developed with more than 800 students from the best universities in Spain and around the world.

Datons Academy

It doesn't make sense to attend class if you only understand half of it.

We've all been there; I left my computer science degree after 3 months because I believed I wasn't cut for programming.

But if you find yourself in the middle of a Master's that cost you almost $20,000, it's a big problem.

Obviously, you're not going to drop out because you've invested a lot of time (and money). So, what now? You hire a private tutor.

And in this part of your movie, I come into the scene: I work with you to master statistical programming and catch up with the Master's.

With you, I will use the same methodology that I have applied with my previous students (their opinions here).

With the caveat that you won't spend a kidney on a Master's that won't give you the personalization you need.

I don't know how you, dear reader, will direct your professional career with programming.

But I do know how to direct interactive classes where you will solve practical cases of statistical programming* so that you don't get left halfway.

*Statistical programming is based on mastering the commands of: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Visualization, Statistics, and Mathematics.

Whether you have already started a course, or you have finished it but don't feel competent in front of a computer.

Forget about learning programming basics: What is an array? How do you create functions? How do you make code efficient?

If you want to drive a car, do you need to build it first?

The same goes for programming: you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but learn to get the most out of it.

Thanks to open source, the world's smartest people collaborate to improve the codes you will apply to your data projects.

The vast majority of training programs start from a theoretical base and with abstract problems that induce frustration because:

  1. They are not adapted to your level.
  2. They don't interest you.

After working with more than 800 students of all kinds (PhDs, Masters, Bachelors, Professionals, Companies) from the best universities in Spain (iE, La Salle, CUNEF, BME, Afi, Comillas), I have developed my own teaching methodology so that you master applied statistical programming on practical cases from the first lesson.

With statistical programming, a very curious thing happens: everyone needs it for their analysis, but very few master it.

I have even worked with medical researchers from top universities like Oxford, who used mathematical survival models to predict diseases in patients.

In addition to researchers, I have also worked with companies, especially in the energy sector, to train their employees in statistical programming and gain a competitive advantage over the greater margin of human error that Excel has.

For example, I have taught them to predict energy generation and electricity prices by markets using automated Machine Learning models.

With all this experience, I have plenty of material for you to practice and not get lost in our interactive classes.

In short, if you train with me, you will get:

  1. Practical courses with step-by-step explained tutorials.
  2. Live lessons with an expert to work on practical cases and solve doubts.
  3. Guidance to design and develop data applications.
  4. New personalized tutorials that help you with your practical cases.

Premium, personalized, and accessible material instead of paying €20,000 for a Master's degree.

You have two options to train with me:

  1. Access to digital courses (point 1):
  1. We put all our effort into it (points 1-4):

Interactive Learning

Live guided practice to make the most out of the time you dedicate to your programming data projects and learning.

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