See references from past customers on the platforms where I announce my services, both for training and consulting. * English * Codementor * Superprof UK * MentorCruise * Spanish * Superprof Spain * TusClasesParticulares

Why consulting

You are a technical and experienced professional in your industry who gets the job done using Excel.

But you also think that it shouldn't have taken you that long.

If you knew how to build algorithms using data programming, you could do the job in much less time and without suffering.

Frustration from mistakes resulting from Excel inaccuracies or a lack of programming skills drives you to the wall.

Why don't you hire a professional like me to optimize your processes during live sessions and teach you how to build the algorithms yourself?

You'd wish to have contacted me sooner after watching how I leverage programming to develop your projects.

Consulting is available both in English and Spanish.

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