Meet your instructor: Jesús López

With more than 8,000 hours of teaching data programming to individuals and organisations. Jesús knows how to teach you to program the machine to free the human.

Meet your instructor: Jesús López

If you've arrived here, I assume you're keen to understand my professional journey to be convinced that I'm the instructor/consultant you need.

Let me share my story through the following questions:

How did I end up developing mathematical models that predict cancer for researchers at universities like Oxford? And even at Ramón y Cajal Hospital?

Doctors collect data on their patients to identify significant factors of a disease.

Lacking the time and the necessary knowledge to process this data through programming, they need experts in programming, data, and statistics to help them develop models that draw meaningful conclusions about their patients and publish them in research papers.

I'll continue answering with the following questions.

How have I programmed the analysis of over 200 Master's and Ph.D. theses across fields like Psychology, Finance, Medicine, or Economics?

Anyone needing help with an academic project usually turns to a private tutor to address doubts and push their project forward.

While some of my students have learned to complete their work independently thanks to my assistance, most were pressed for time, leading me to program the analysis and conclusions of their projects.

Which universities/companies are your students affiliated with?

In Spain, I've taught undergraduate and Master's students from nearly every university. Some notable names include IE, CUNEF, ESADE, or the Spanish Stock Market Institute (BME).

Check out the experiences and ratings from my students on my TusClasesParticulares and Superprof profiles.

I've also taught individuals working and studying in the USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the UK, as evidenced by my international profiles: Codementor and Superprof.

How did I transition from being a private tutor for 3rd-year secondary students to conducting courses for professionals in Energy Companies and Master's students in Aeronautical Engineering (without even completing my degree)?

A friend knew I tutored and studied statistics. She thought I could teach her R and statistics to help with her Business Administration subject. After a successful R programming session, I changed my ad focus from Mathematics to R programming.

When I started receiving inquiries from outside my city, I shifted my offering from in-person to online, and the demand skyrocketed.

The initial stages were challenging since I wasn't sure about handling the tasks they requested. Yet, relying on my self-taught abilities, I delved into online resources and mastered the necessary skills.

As I deepened my programming and data expertise, I could complete tasks more efficiently — from initially taking 20 hours down to just an hour.

My expertise attracted diverse clients, from biology to plant studies in Mexico. Over time, I began attracting and retaining premium clients and companies.

I was invited to conduct a Python course for the Aeronautical Engineers Delegation at UPM in Madrid. Now, we've had five editions of this course, starting with 18 students and growing to 39 in the latest batch.

Simultaneously, I began teaching professionals at an energy sector company, Cogen Energía. Rather than predicting cancer, I was modeling electricity prices. Thanks to Valentín, the head of the department, I delved into the energy market and subsequently created a specific Python course to analyze data from the Spanish Electric Network, along with other programming-related courses.

How did I produce a course for LinkedIn Learning where I explain Algorithmic Trading with Python through practical exercises?

I realized I could scale up my training method and dove deep into social media, connecting with like-minded educators.

Collaborating with Data In Motion, I got introduced to content managers at LinkedIn, which led to an opportunity to create a course. Drawing from my solid foundation in programming for finance and stock markets, thanks to my private students from Escuela Afi and Instituto BME, I embarked on this new journey with LinkedIn.

How have various companies shown interest in collaborating with me?

Primarily due to my self-taught skills and my vision of how programming should be taught. Companies value my capacity to learn quickly, offer fresh insights, and save them time in data management.

Companies recognize me through the success stories of my students, my presence on social media, and my online courses.

Results speak for themselves. If you're interested in my consulting, training, or tutoring services, send me a WhatsApp, and let's embark on a journey to elevate your professional trajectory with data-driven programming.

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