Live classes

See references from past customers on the platforms where I announce my services, both for training and consulting. * English * Codementor * Superprof UK * MentorCruise * Spanish * Superprof Spain * TusClasesParticulares


Check out the list of available live courses below. Keep reading and contact me to join a new edition if you are interested.

For all courses, I'll teach you how to leverage Artificial Intelligence to properly solve problems, not just blind copy-pasting that drives you nuts.

DF: Web Apps for Data Analysis

ML: Machine Learning Models as Web App Calculators

AT: Deploying Algorithmic Trading Robots with Python

SP: Statistical Programming for Academic Papers

Why live classes

Learning independently from online tutorials can be frustrating because what they teach you is not what you need to solve your problem.

On the contrary, taking live courses with an instructor who is accountable for answering your questions in real-time can teach you how to solve problems that take you hours (or days, sometimes).

You'll have an instructor, me, who will remotely control your computer to solve your problems in the blink of an eye.

My teaching methodology and materials are designed to help you develop end-to-end projects, such as web applications, and can be adapted to data topics of your interest.

To practice the skills and develop algorithms that will serve you in your daily life, you can bring your own datasets to the classes and develop the project with them.


I conduct my business in a personal fashion.

I'd rather discuss how my training programs can help you achieve your goals than let you choose a course that won't be useful for you.

Let's chat without commitment, and I'll give you my best advice on your next steps based on my experience (+800 students 1:1).

I'll also get your feedback on how to improve my business, so it's a win-win.

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