Preprocess and analyze stock returns with Python

Learn to statistically analyze the stock performance of a company with Python.

Who would have been the lucky ones who bought NVIDIA shares before they went up 20% in a single day?

Daily return histogram of NVIDIA shares, showing a distribution that includes a peak of more than 20% increase in a single day.
F1. Daily Return Histogram of NVIDIA

In this tutorial, we will calculate the stock returns of NVIDIA to analyze their statistical behavior.


Thanks to the yfinance library, we can download the stock data of NVIDIA with its ticker NVDA.

import yfinance as yf

df ='NVDA')
Raw data downloaded from NVIDIA's stock using the yfinance library, showing opening, closing, high, and low prices.
F2. Raw data of NVIDIA via yfinance.


  1. How to download stock data of a specific company using Python?
  2. What command allows filtering data by specific dates?
  3. How is the daily return of a stock calculated?
  4. What is the method to visualize the distribution of daily return?
  5. How to interpret the distribution of daily return?
  6. How is the cumulative return of an investment calculated?

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